Routine Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Drs. Mentessi and Orehek recommend annual eye exams as part of a proactive approach

to not only eye health, but your overall health.


An eye exam is much more than determining if you need glasses or if your prescription
has changed. An exam can detect systemic diseases such as diabetes, stroke and high
blood pressure. Plus, in early stages, most eye disease has no symptoms and

the only way they can be diagnosed is through an eye exam.


In addition to providing annual exams, we also specialize in advanced eye care (glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, allergies, injury, etc.) and optical services (eyewear selection, adjustments, etc.).


With Distinctive Eyewear, annual appointments are a vision of simplicity.

You can make an appointment any time day or night.

For your convenience, we have evening and weekend office hours. 


With attentive doctors that have decades of skills treating the littlest eyes to those that have seen the world and an expert staff that provides one-on-one optical services, with Distinctive Eyewear, you'll see the world beautifully.